Working On New Album To Be Recorded March 2019 at Tiny Telephone, Oakland

It’s been a long journey for me to get back to wanting to record again, but life in all its mysterious ways and nudges to help us grow and change has gratefully led me to this new creative space and time.  

Since my last album Miracles was released in 2015, a lot has happened in this crucible of life. A big breakup. A move from Joshua Tree to Austin. Experiencing creative disillusionment, loneliness, and heartache. Anxiety. Diving deep into and healing long-held family trauma. Soul recovery. Shadow work.

My path led me back to my home state of California where I live now in south Santa Cruz County, and a greater return to emotional stability and my sense of self. This gave me the strength to want to perform live again after over two-and-a-half years off stage, and with it, I’ve reclaimed my passion, fire, and overall life-force for music.

The songs on this record encompass the many phases of this journey, and its already been an incredibly healing effort for me. I hope when its ready to be shared, that it may help to heal the wounds in you, to comfort and strengthen you, for music is truly one of our greatest healers.

I am so very grateful to work with the extremely talented Producer Beau Sorenson on this album, and to record at the Oakland arm of John Vanderslice’s beloved Tiny Telephone Studios. I’ll also be working with wonderful, local musician friends here in the Santa Cruz area. I feel I’m in “good hands” with this record, as I have been with you also along these stages in life.

Thank you, always, for hanging in there with me and for the support and love you’ve given me. 

My heart and love to you,