It's Clearing Now

I’ve just finished recording my fourth album. And it’s felt like an exorcism.

It’s been a little over four years since my last album, Miracles, was released into the world, and this now unleashing of the release valve of these past four-plus years of life seems, on the one hand, a bit overdue, but on the other, arriving at just the right time.

Heartbreak. Pain. Family trauma. The “mother wound.” Political and societal frustration. Anger. Anger. Anger. Anger as a woman in this misogynistic, predatory, and sexist society. Hopelessness. Fear. And, yet, my persisting, unrelenting ties and life-bond to Spirit, and to the evolution of my Soul.

All this and more went into this record. My all went into it.

I saved the pretty photos to share on social media, but you should see the ones where I look like I’ve just given birth to a demon. Dark circles under my eyes, and the life sucked out of me dry. But that is the work we must do… if we are to know our darkness, our shadow, our truth… as so many, too, have been uncovering and exorcising in their own personal and collective work in this dark, Trumpian era.

All will be revealed.

And all will come to light.

And now I am seeing the light again in my own life... There is a palpable lightness. And a clearing now after the recording of this work. A new space, I’m feeling, in this precious season… just before the spring… for new life and for good things to come.

Clear Sky in Mymensingh, August, 2014     by Ibrahim Husain Meraj (Creative Commons)

Clear Sky in Mymensingh, August, 2014 by Ibrahim Husain Meraj (Creative Commons)