You Can't Handle It

You can’t handle it because it makes you feel bad.

You can’t handle it because you get hurt.

You can’t go in there.

You can’t go into the lion’s den.

You can’t hang around with that person that you’re interested in somehow and that you find fascinating when you know, deep down, they don’t have your best interests in mind.

You can’t stay out late.

You can’t drink that.

You can’t smoke that.

You are better than that.

You are punk rock, but you are not that punk rock.

You are limited in your limitlessness.

There isn’t time for that anymore.

Sometimes you just have to put a thing down, or two, or three, or four...

And that time is now.

Just because you can’t handle it, doesn’t mean you're weak.

Not every experience is for you.

You have been a seeker of experiences.

You have wanted to swallow up them all like the raging sea.

But there comes a time when you become drunk on experience, sick, disoriented, and can get lost.

You can no longer find your way and know what’s for you and what’s not for you.

Who’s for you and who’s not for you.

Not everything is for you.

You can not handle everything.

This is discernment.

This is saying YES to the things that will build you up, and NO to the things that will tear you down.

It takes time to know this.

You are not at fault.

You can’t know everything at once.

You can’t handle it.

And that is OK.