"The lattice that we are either a part of or apart from."

"The lattice that we are either a part of or apart from. The lattice is the connective tissue. The lattice is everyone else, the lattice is my people, collective youth, people like me, hearts ripe, brains aglow. The lattice is everyone I have ever known, mostly those my age or thereabouts – I know little else, know only six or seven people over forty, know nothing to say to them – but my people, we are still there, still able, if we start right now – I see us as one, as a vast matrix, an army, a whole, each one of us responsible to one another, because no one else is. I mean, every person that walks through the door… on and on, all these people, the people who come to us or we come to, the subscribers, our friends, their friends, their friends, who knows who knows who, people who have everything in common no matter where they’re from, all these people know all the same things and truly hope for the same things, it’s undeniable that they do, and if we can bring everyone to grab a part of the other, like an arm at the socket, everyone holding another’s arm at the socket, and if we can get everyone to, instead of ripping this arm from the socket, instead hold on to it, tight, and thus strengthening – Then, um – Like a human ocean moving as one, the undulating, the wave-making…”

-Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

(Photo credit: Pylône électrique sur l'île de Seil by Remi Mathis via Creative Commons)