Feeding the Eagles

Sometimes in life we are called to do something, or be something other than what’s expected of us in our native communities. We have a passion, a drive, a mission that is “other,” apart, or misunderstood from the tribes we are born into.

Such is the story of the boy who fed eagles, as told by one of my favorite mythologists, Dr. Catherine Svehla. It’s a story that I personally relate to in my own journey.

To survive as humans requires interdependency, and while we all have our own unique roles to play, our true calling sometimes gets muted by the din of “shoulds” and “shouldn’t dos” from others.

This story reminds us to forge on in spite of this — to “feed the eagles” — to remain connected with and true to our guiding purpose. In doing this, with appreciation and gratitude, we play our part to create a harmony of connection in the world, even when we feel we are living with opposition or discord. What’s of value is you living out your truth:  that behind all things, this is what matters most. Knowing this teaches us to respect the unique contributions of others, as well. 

As Dr. Svehla says, “Reconnect to the web that sustains you. Pass it on. And deepen your respect for value that others bring into your life and it will deepen your awareness of your own value.”

Take a listen to Reciprocity & The Boy Who Fed Eagles.

Ganymede Abducted by the Eagle   by Antonio da Correggio.

Ganymede Abducted by the Eagle by Antonio da Correggio.